If you have ever encountered problems with any of the hardware that is on your computer, you will know how frustrating it can be to suddenly lose important functionalities. You printer may, as an example, suddenly stop working, leaving you unable to complete important work in time. Most of the hardware problems that occur on computers can be traced to software issues and can usually be fixed by identifying and resolving the cause of the issue.

Update Drivers With DriverAssist

What most people do not realize is that they should keep the drivers that are on their computers up to date in order to prevent and resolve hardware issues. Drivers are an important type of software that is on a computer and act as a link between the operation system and hardware components such as printers, modems, and mice.

Scan, Review, and Update Your Computer’s Drivers With DriverAssist

Most of the hardware problems that you encounter on your PC can be resolved by making sure that the drivers that are on it are up to date. In this regard, we recommend that you use DriverAssist from SafeBytes. DriverAssist is a lightweight driver management utility that automates the process of updating drivers, meaning that you likely won’t ever have to worry about hardware problems again.

Use an On-Screen Keyboard

Should you ever have problems with any of the keys that are on your computer’s keyboard, the good news is that you can use the onscreen keyboard that comes native with Windows to get on with your work. Although this will decidedly slow you down, it can be very useful should you ever need to quickly finish some work while waiting for your keyboard to be fixed. To open the onscreen keyboard, all that you need to do is type the phrase “On-Screen Keyboard” into the search area on your computer.

Turn Off Your PC’s Monitor

Another of the tools that you can use to get around the hardware problem is Monitor Off. Should the button that you use to turn off your computer’s monitor ever encounter problems, you can install this button and use it to turn off your PC’s monitor.

Broken Mouse

The mouse is one of the often-disregarded parts of a computer that are, nevertheless, excessively important. Without it, it can become almost impossible for you to use your PC. Fortunately, Windows comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to replace some of the functions that are provided by the mouse.

In Windows you can also, in the Ease of Access Center, turn on Mouse Keys, which should enable you to move your computer’s mouse cursor using the keyboard. This can be excessively useful should something ever happen to your mouse.

Dictation Software

Should you ever encounter problems with your keyboard, or if you simply wish to simplify the process, you can still get input into your computer using the various dictation software programs that are out there. With these software programs, you can bypass the troublesome keyboard by using your voice to dictate input into your PC.