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About SafeBytes Software, a Canadian Windows PC Desktop Utility development company.

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LogosDriverAssist provides you with a collection of world-class tools to deal with all of the drivers required for external devices needed by your PC. Instead of requiring you to download all of these individually, which can be a time-consuming and confusing experience, DriverAssist identifies and locates all of the appropriate and up-to-date drivers and downloads them automatically for you in real-time, while you busy yourself with more interesting tasks.

Company Profile

Safebytes is a hugely experienced, renowned and award-winning software development company that has particularly specialized in producing virus and malware solutions, and software which enables PCs to run more efficiently.

Safebytes has previously been associated with such acclaimed software as SafeBytes Security Suite, which provides the ultimate in virus and malware detection and destruction.

Safebytes sells software to both home users and businesses, and as an SME itself, understands the needs of the corporate sector intimately.

Safebytes is built on the knowledge and expertise of a team of fantastic software developers and engineers, and the founder of the company works with this team on a daily basis.

The ethos of Safebytes is to produce the best quality software available, at the most affordable price, and ensure that once it is installed on your PC it makes the least amount of disruption to your daily work and other activities as is possible.

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