How To Use Remote Play To Play PS4 Games From Your PC

PlayStation 4 is, without a doubt, the most popular console that is currently being used by gaming enthusiasts across the globe. The great thing is that most of the games that have made PS4 such a famous gaming console can actually be streamed and played on a PC using Remote Play. So, how do you. Read More

How To Fix A Broken CD, DVD, Or Blu-Ray Drive On Your PC

One of the things that have made computers so popular is the fact that they can be used as entertainment hubs for listening to music and watching movies. Should something go wrong with your PC’s CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray drive, there are a number of things that you can do in order to get back. Read More

5 Things You Can’t Do With Solid State Drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) have been on the verge of transforming the computing world for some time. Although they have largely been held back by the issue of cost and durability, these concerns have largely been addressed over the past few years. The result is that SSDs are likely to soon come into their element. Advantages. Read More

Top 4 PC Gaming Misconceptions That Are Not True

Most of us use computers nowadays, since they are very useful. The fact that computers (and technology in general, to be honest) have advanced by leaps and bounds since the 80’s coupled with the fact that this technological evolution also includes the reduction of the price of computer parts – and by natural extension the computers. Read More