The first step is to run your normal troubleshooter, which should give you an overview of what is happening as well as suggesting some apt solutions. The most common problems with Bluetooth drivers can be fixed by even the most basic knowledge. However, you need to cross check the website to ensure that you have downloaded the right tools and not some random malware. In case you cannot see the driver then it might be advisable to uninstall it and reinstall, so as to reconfigure the settings internally. Go to the start button and navigate to the control panel. There you should select the option for Hardware and Sound. Click on the Bluetooth devices tab. Point to the device that is not working and then click on the option to remove it.

Afterwards, you should press on the option to add. This will help reset the device without the errors that you have been experiencing. The manufacturer may also give you specific instructions on how you can make the driver discoverable. You will then be able to select the option to configure the device appropriately. Sometimes, you have to repeat the process several times before it works. The system often has a wizard, which will talk you through the process as required.

Other issues that you may want to consider

Although it seems almost a triviality, the truth is that many times the device is simply not turned on. In the mesh of wires and cables, it is very easy to forget what goes where. These are a few basic checks that you need to consider before taking it up as a crisis situation. If you are using Bluetooth then it might also be worth your while to check the adapter and ensure that it is properly attached to the device. Look at the options to ensure that the device is discoverable. This is a common problem across the board. If you are not sure about making the device discoverable then it is a good idea to consult the manual, because it contains most of the information that you need.

During the installation, it is possible that you could have used the wrong program. This is why you have to be extra careful no matter how familiar you are with the computer process. Check things and recheck them again. If you have used the wrong installation program then you will have to do the process again. Printers are very problematic particularly if they are older or newer than the main operating system that you are using for your computer. As far as possible, you should try to use wizards, because they are written in such a way as to cover most of the essential steps.

A final critical check

Finally, you have to check the pass key. The device will use this in order to control access. Windows is also capable of generating one for you. Most devices use either 0000 or 0001. However, that is not to say that every single one of them will follow the same protocols.