It is interesting to note that despite being installed on every computer in the world, device drivers are still misunderstood. Besides experts, few people actually pay attention to what drivers do and how they work, and yet everyone who owns a computer or a laptop has to, at some point, download or install drivers on their systems.

This is one of the reasons why there are numerous misconceptions about device drivers as well. Despite the fact that it would be virtually impossible to use your computer without the right drivers, few people, if any, research about device drivers before installing them.

Now, the wrong drivers can cause problems with your computer and not to mention, your computer won’t be able to work with the hardware you are connecting with it. Therefore, you have to pay a little more attention than you do to device drivers.

A good first step would be learning about a few common myths about device drivers, which will be debunked in the next few paragraphs:

Drivers Are Optional

Yes, some people actually believe that drivers are optional and they can make do without them. This is far from the truth as you can get. Your computer cannot function without the right drivers, period. You won’t be able to connect your computer to your Wi-Fi, or install your printer, speakers, mouse, or keyboard, on your system. In other words, your experience of using the computer will be several impacted if you don’t have the right drivers installed; hence they are by no means optional.

Drivers Are Expensive

Again, this is based more on gossip than fact. Most drivers are available for free. After all, why wouldn’t manufacturers want customers to use the devices they have purchased? It only makes sense that they offer the drivers for free, and that is what they do.

Whenever you buy any new hardware, it is likely that there will be a disc in the package which has the driver on it. You simply have to pop it in and follow the instructions to install the driver properly. Alternatively, you can download the drivers for free from the internet.

Drivers Are Hard to Find

Do you know how to use Google? If yes, then finding drivers would only require you to type in the name of the device you wish to use with your computer with ‘driver’ at the end of the search query. It will only take you a few minutes to find, download and install the necessary drivers.

You can also download device driver software which will automatically detect the drivers required on your computer, download and install them. All you have to do is click a few times and you are good to go.

So, these are some common myths about device drivers debunked. Now that you have this information, finding and downloading device drivers won’t be a hassle for you!