HDMI cables have over the past few years, revolutionized the ways in which we access various forms of entertainment. While it has always been possible to link various kinds of devices in one way or the other, none of them was ever able to achieve the kind of quality that is realized through the use of HDMI cables. So, which devices can you use your HDMI cable with?

Televisions and Computers

Perhaps the most popular use for HDMI cables involves the connection of computers and televisions. Computers and televisions used to be linked together using VGA and other types of cable. While these connections are still around, they have since been supplanted by HDMI cables.

The fact that computers give people access to the internet, with its various forms of entertainment, means that, perhaps not surprisingly, many people are now looking for ways to watch their favorite movies using the larger screens that are on their televisions.

The popularity of HDMI cables lies in the fact that they are able to transmit high-definition signals without a perceptible loss in quality. You can thus play movies on your computer while watching them on your high-definition television.


Cameras are another type of device that is now popularly being connected to televisions or computers using HDMI cables. Again, the main motivation in this regard draws from the fact that HDMI cables are capable of transmitting signals without any loss in quality. What this means is that you can now watch those homemade videos that you created on your last vacation in HD on your computer or television.

DVD Players

DVD players can also be connected to televisions or computers using HDMI cables. This allows for an instant connection through which high definition videos can be transmitted. The DVD format has been around for some time and, although it appears to be losing out to video streaming, these gadgets still remain very much a part of our lives.

Satellite Receivers

Satellite receivers are another type of device that has been common in homes for a long time. Today, however, you have the option of connecting your receiver to your television using an HDMI cable. Once again, this gives you superior images and audio due to the lossless transmission properties of HDMI cables.

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