If you own a computer you probably know that disk fragmentation errors are as certain as death. Your computer’s hard disk is actually the heart of your computing system and when it stops working properly there will be trouble to bear. Even though there have been great strides in making computers function better, incidences of disk fragmentation errors are still a problem that has not been completely solved.

What Is Disk Fragmentation?

In order to understand the concept of a disk fragmentation error, it is important to start off by defining the concept of disk fragmentation. This process refers to a condition of the disk in which files are separated into sections that are found at different places on the disk. Fragmentation happens naturally when the disk is used frequently to construct, alter and delete files. There are times when the operating systems have a need to store different fragments of a file in noncontagious groups. While this happens with users not being aware it is happening, it can have the effect of slowing down the system as the disk drivers have to look in different parts of the system to access different parts of a single file.   

The Most Common Disk Fragmentation Error

The most common disk fragmentation error usually reads, “Disk defragmenter could not start”. A few things can be done to solve this problem. One way of getting around this problem is to simply reboot the computer and then attempting to defrag again. Sometimes this happens when there is a recent change to your computer. You can review if this is the case by running a system restore. If you still have no joy after this, you can always try to return the system to an earlier time. Even if you are able to determine the program that may be causing the problem, you will still need to decide what you are going to do in order to fix the error and still be able to use the program.

Fragmentation errors can also be solved if you try defragging from safe mode. To do this you will have to restart the computer and then keep pressing F8 so that Windows can be started in safe mode. From this area, you can get more information to determine what the problem could easily be on the normal windows start.

Sometimes disk fragmentation errors are caused by lack of storage capacity for defragment. However, this is usually shown by a separate defrag error. You can check the amount of free space you have on your disk by going to My Computer and checking Properties for the amount of space that is free on your disk. You should ideally have about 15 to 20% free space.

Use The Right Software Systems

Disk fragmentation errors are sometimes a result of malware. Scan your computer to see if there are no viruses. You could also turn to available software such as DriverAssist from SafeBytes. These software programs are designed to assist your computer disk drivers to function at their maximum. They will see problems before you do and fix them for you.