Downloading a file is one of the most common tasks that computer users do often. There are a number of common download errors that you can encounter while attempting to access a file on a computer. A failed download is usually followed by a download error message that is placed at the lower end of the browser. Clicking on this message usually gives you more details about the reasons behind the error. This article looks at some common download errors and how to fix them using dedicated software such as DriverAssist from SafeBytes.

Common Error Messages and What They Mean

Let’s look at some common error messages and explain what they mean and the steps you will have to take when faced with them.

Virus Detected, Scan Failed, Add Blocked

These three errors are related to the security of your device. When you receive a message that says that your antivirus software detected a virus, it means that the file you are attempting to download potentially carries a virus somewhere inside it. This kind of file would usually be removed by the attachment manager on Windows. The Windows attachment manager will also remove files when the antivirus fails unexpectedly when scanning a file you are trying to download.

The best way to fix this problem is probably not to download the file unless you are sure that is it totally safe. If the scan failed, you will then need to find out why it did.

Insufficient Permissions and Network Error

These are the other two errors that are associated with challenges when it comes to downloading files.  Insufficient permissions mean that you may not have the required authorization to download the file and serve it in the location to which you are attempting to download it. Trying to serve the file to a location where you have permission or where you do not require such permission may fix this problem.

Network Error and Download Error

If the file is being accessed from the internet or some other network, you will have issues if you are not connected. It will be useful to ensure that you have the right connections before you attempt to download the file again. When the error message indicates that you have a download error, it means that the system encountered some problems when it was downloading the file you require.

No File and Server Problem

If the error message says “no file,” it simply means that the server failed to locate the file you want to download. This means that the file you are trying to download could easily not be valid. Solving this problem may include you having a chat with the administrator. If you get an error message that says “unknown server,” you may need to try again or speak to the administrator.

Deploy DriverAssist

Most of the errors on your PC are generally related to issues related to a PC that is not working at its optimal levels or device drivers that could be outdated. This is the reason why we advise you to try using DriverAssist to manage your whole system. You may want to review some of its features.