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This resource will discuss how you can download any updates you need using thing Windows Update Catalog. The Windows Update Catalog gives you access to updates to all operating systems that are still supported by widows. These updates will include all of the following:

  • Hotfixes
  • System files (updated)
  • Services packs
  • Device drivers
  • Updated Windows features

This article will walk you through the steps required to find the updates you need using the Windows Update Catalog. Once you read this article, you will know how to download any update you need and install it across your corporate network of Microsoft Windows computers or at home.

How to Use the Windows Update Catalog to Download Updates

To use the Windows Update Catalog to download updates, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Obtain access to the Windows Update Catalog

To access this catalog, visit the following website:

To view a selection of FAQ’s about the Windows Update Catalog, you will need to visit this website:

Step 2: Search for any updates using the Windows Update Catalog

To find specific updates by searching the Windows Update Catalog, follow the steps below:

  • In the text box labeled “Search”, type in the search terms associated with the driver you need. For example, you may type in “Windows XP Security”
  • Find the option labeled “Search” and press the ENTER key
  • Look through the list and select any updates that you would like to download
  • Click “Add“ for every update that you want and add it to your download shopping cart
  • To find additional updates by searching for them, repeat steps the four steps above

Step 3: Download the Selected Updates

To download the updates, you can continue using the Windows Update Catalog by following the below steps:

  • Select “View Basket” underneath the “Search” bar to view your download shopping cart
  • Verify the updates and then select the “Download” option
    • Please Note: If your system asks you, select “Accept” to accept the license agreement
  • Select where you want to save your updates. You can either type in the location of the folder or you can select Browse to find the folder
  • Select Continue to start your download
  • Once your download is finished, select Close to close your downloaded Window
  • Next, close the Windows Update Catalog Window
  • Find the location where you chose to download the drivers from
    • Please note: If you have any device drivers that you have downloaded for this installation, select the “Installing Drivers” option
    • Click each update (double-click), and then follow the on-screen instructions to install this update. If the updates are supposed to be for another computer, copy the selected updates to the other computer, and then click the updates (double-click) to install them in your system.
  • If all the downloads that you have added to your shopping cart are installed correctly, your work is complete

To Install Drivers

  1. Navigate to the “Start” menu and open a command prompt
  2. To extract the files that you need for a particular driver, type the command below into the command prompt and hit the “ENTER” key
    1. Expand <CAB FILE NAME> -F:* <DESTINATION>
  3. To get your driver setup for a plug and play installation, you may need to stage a driver from the Add Printer Wizard, select PnPutil as in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
    1. To stage and install driver packages using the PnP Utility (Pnputil.exe) in Windows Vista, click here