Computers are made up of hardware and software, which work in unison to enable us to do all the wonderful things that we do with our PCs. Examples of hardware devices are keyboards, monitors, mice, wireless routers and many more. Hardware can be thought of as the physical components of a computer. Software, on the other hand, refers to the instructions and programs that enable a computer to run.


A very important part in this symbiotic relationship that exists between a computer’s hardware and its software are drivers. Drivers can be thought of as a certain type of software that has the special role of facilitating communication between a computer’s Operation System and its hardware. Each hardware device that is on a computer comes with its own drivers. If you buy, as an example, a wireless router, it will have drivers that enable your OS to recognize it as such.

Otherwise it would be just a worthless piece of electronics.

Driver Errors

An Operation System, such as Windows 10 already has, when it is installed, “default drivers” for some of your hardware components. If you buy a piece of hardware, such as a printer, it will either be plug and play; where the drivers are automatically installed onto the computer from the device itself, or, alternatively, it will come with a CD that contains the drivers that you need to run the device.

Unfortunately, drivers do not always work as they should, and the symbiotic relationship between the hardware and the software gets broken. The first sign of problems is usually a device, such as a printer or a mouse, that starts working erratically. Driver Errors are frustrating and can, in the most extreme of instances, result in hardware components refusing to work at all.

Causes of Driver Error

Incompatibility with The Operation System

Upgrades and changes to Operation Systems (OS) can trigger driver errors. Under normal circumstance, hardware device manufacturers are always working to ensure that their devices remain compatible with computer software.

Failure to Update Drivers

This is, by far, the most common reason why Driver Errors occur. People tend to be forgetful about taking care of their systems, if everything is running smoothly. Thus, they almost always never think to update the drivers that are on their computers. This usually causes problems because changes to the OS sometimes bring compatibility issues with the device drivers that are currently installed on a PC.

How to Resolve Driver Errors: Scan, Review and Update Your Computer With DriverAssist

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