Despite the fact that computers have come such a long way since their inception, it is still possible for us to encounter errors while using them. Today’s computers can fit into the palm of a child’s hand and would hardly be recognizable as being related to early computers, which were as large as whole rooms and weighed tons. Runtime errors are some of the errors that you are likely to encounter while using your computer.

What Are Runtime Errors?

Runtime errors can be defined as those errors that occur during the running of a program. An example would be if an error were to occur while you were in the middle of listening to your favorite song using your favorite media playback program. Runtime errors are, however, not the only type of error that you can encounter while using a computer. Other common types of errors are compile time errors and syntax errors.

Why Do Runtime Errors Occur?

There are several reasons why you may encounter runtime errors during the course of using your computer. A number of them are, however, caused by driver compatibility issues.

How to Prevent Runtime Errors

One of the ways you can fix and prevent runtime and other types of errors is through the use of DriverAssist from SafeBytes. DriverAssist is a lightweight device driver management utility that has been designed for the specific purpose of automating the driver update process. The truth of the world of computing is that not many of us ever bother to update the drivers that are on our PCs.

DriverAssist takes away the hassles that come from having to manually carry out the process. It does this by identifying all the drivers that are on your computer, including some that even Windows does not recognize, looking them up on the hardware device manufacturer’s website, downloading updates to your computer, and, finally affecting the updates.

The best thing about this entire process is that it happens in the background and is fully automated. All that you will ever notice, over time, is your PC’s improved performance.

Scan, Review, and Update Your PC Using DriverAssist to Fix Runtime Errors

Another unique thing about DriverAssist from SafeBytes is that it comes with Driver Intelligence, which gives it the ability to identify all the drivers that are on your computer. Not only that, but this intelligent software goes a step further by customizing driver updates based on the operation system that you are using and the version of your motherboard. It also draws on information from previous users to correct conflicts that would potentially occur between certain pieces of hardware and drivers. It is this ability to learn from the experience of previous users that makes SafeBytes DriverAssist a great way of fixing and preventing runtime errors. Should runtime errors occur, DriverAssist draws on this knowledge to quickly and efficiently fix them.

Updating Drivers Reduces the Occurrence of Runtime Errors

It is also a fact that keeping the drivers that are on your computer fully updated, as happens when you are using DriverAssist from SafeBytes, is guaranteed to reduce the number of runtime errors that you will encounter while using your PC. Drivers are a source of many of the conflicts that occur between the hardware and software components on a computer, and keeping them up to date reduces the chance that these will ever occur.