The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is often referred to as a computer’s brains, without which your PC would be but an empty shell. It is the place where most of the computing takes place, thus enabling you to use your PC in a wide variety of ways. Like every other hardware component on your computer, the CPU requires up-to-date drivers in order to run smoothly.   But, what exactly are drivers on a computer?

What Are Computer Drivers?

Computers are made up of hardware, the physical components that you can touch, and software, the instructions (programs) that run everything. Examples of hardware are mice, keyboards, monitors, modems, and any other component that you can actually touch. A good example of software would be the word processing application (Microsoft Office Word) that most people use when writing articles. Drivers are a form of software that is essential in that they allow the hardware components to interface with the computer’s operating system. Without them, you would not be able to use devices such as printers, mice, keyboards, and many other components.

Scan, Review, and Update the Drivers on Your Computer Using DriverAssist

Due to the fact that drivers play such an important role in the smooth running of a computer, it is important for you to keep the ones that are installed on your PC up to date. That is the only way you can avoid compatibility issues between your computer’s hardware and its software.

While it is possible to manually update your PC’s drivers, doing so is hardly practical. We recommend that you instead use DriverAssist, a lightweight device driver management utility from SafeBytes that has been designed to scan through your PC, identify all the drivers that need to be updated, download the latest versions, and update your computer’s drivers. The best thing about this whole process is that it is automatic. You will not even notice that such an important procedure is taking place in the background as you work on your computer.

How DriverAssist Helps During the Installation of a CPU

If for any reason you have decided to install a new central processing unit on your computer or if you are building a new system from the ground up, it is important for you to make sure that all the drivers on the new CPU are up to date. That is the only way you can avoid compatibility issues between the operating system that is installed on your PC and its hardware.

DriverAssist is useful in this regard in that it comes with Driver Intelligence and Smart Device Identification. Install it on your computer, and it will instantly identify all the drivers that your CPU needs in order to act as the logic center for your PC.  Not only does DriverAssist help keep your CPU running smoothly, but it has been designed to also automatically take care of the updating process for all the drivers that are on your computer.