The fact that you as either a PC user or owner will face a problem in the life of your computer is a given. It will be a mistake to think that since your computer cost more and it has been stable for a long time, then it is immune from problems related to buggy software, and failing hardware.

Everyone who has ever had a PC problem knows the headache associated with missing deadlines, having to pay for the loss of productivity and repairs. If you know how DriverAssist can help you to solve some of these problems you may reduce the impact of the downtime caused by these problems, as you can prevent them before they happen.

Some Common Errors

While a PC may face several problems, there are some errors that are more common than others. These are the errors that software engineers at SafeBytes are attempting to address using DriverAssist. The software ensures that the drivers that manage the different devices that make your computer function properly are constantly given a review. The following are some of the problems that you can avoid is you deploy a software solution that takes care of your PC in a holistic manner.

A Computer That Fails to Start

If you ask any computer user, they will tell you that this is the worst nightmare you can ever face. The problem with a computer that will not start is that   it does not tell you anything. There are many reasons why this may happen, including a dead power supply or a code that has gone loose somewhere. Another problem related to this is a computer that starts but fails to boot and shows a screen that is blank. This problem could emanate from anywhere including outdated video drivers.

The Blue Screen Of Death

If a computer user has never faced this problem, then they have not yet gone through their rite of passage. The most debilitating aspect of this problem is that it leaves not knowing what to do as the error message is one that you will not be able to decode. There are several reasons that can cause this error including overheating caused by fan drivers that are not functioning properly, a RAM that is going bad or a hard drive that has seen better days.

A Crawling Computer

Other errors are related to a computer that starts getting slower by the day until it eventually ends up crawling like a snail and frustrating even the most patient of users. This happens when the computer is overloaded with useless stuff such as temporary files, unwanted drivers, and malware.

All the problems listed above and some which are not are the target of DriverAssist. It will always scan your system so that issues leading to overheating are addressed before they become dangerous. The software will ensure that your computer is constantly cleaned of any files that are no longer useful. This prevents your resources from being used by processes that have no use to the efficiency of your system.