Anyone who has a computer uses it for various purposes including enhancing workflow and synchronization, shopping, entertainment, and more. If you are not watching Netflix, you might be trying to analyze your financial statements or emailing your employees. Perhaps you can play games on your computer or use it for educational purposes.

The uses of a computer are endless, but there is the ugly side of this coin. We all have horror stories about a computer that suddenly started malfunctioning. Perhaps you connected a peripheral device and the following message appeared on the screen: “Information in the registry is invalid,” or “Error code 40.” Note that this happens due to the presence of invalid keys of the device driver in your computer system registry. With DriverAssist, you can scan for invalid keys on your computer and fix the problem. This article will focus on how DriverAssist can scan and fix invalid keys on your computer.

Personal computers can start developing errors over time. This can be caused by invalid keys in the registry. The good news is that DriverAssist can perform a comprehensive scan of your Windows registry to identify the invalid keys. It analyzes every registry entry to identify any entry that is incomplete or has an error. These errors occur because of the following:

  •         Invalid keys can occur in the registry if you uninstalled programs incorrectly
  •         Missing keys can result in invalid keys in the registry
  •         Broken Windows components, including shortcuts and fonts
  •         Windows components that are damaged due to malware or improper updates

DriverAssist has a user-friendly approach when it comes to fixing your personal computer issues. It features an integrated database that helps you to spot the drivers that are wrongly configured within a very short time. It can also download these drivers for you and help in reconfiguring them in the system registry.

Further, the DriverAssist will ensure that the necessary drivers are installed well in such a manner that there is no room left for incomplete files that may result in invalid keys in the system registry. Besides, the software will back up and help you to restore these files in case your system was slightly damaged. This is an added advantage to any DriverAssist user.

With that, you can avert registry damage by letting DriverAssist roll back your computer system files to an earlier healthy status. Though there are various ways of scanning for invalid keys on your personal computer, DriverAssist is an indispensable tool to scan for invalid keys in your PC, fix the problem, and fix your system if it suffered some damage due to the invalid keys.

Safebytes DriverAssist is revolutionary software that offers efficient, reliable, and convenient management of all your system drivers. This software will do all the work for you automatically and update your computer drivers to ensure that they all work in harmony. Therefore, if you have been using DriverAssist, check a review of the software online from one the previous users and find out what it can do.