This problem is likely to affect a number of products, including the Eleven Rack, Mbox 2 Micro, HD Accel PCI PCIe, M Audio FireWire Interface, Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Pro, Pro Tools Mbox Mini, HD Native, Pro Tools Mbox, HDX Pro Tools, Pro Tools, Pro Tools HD , Mbox 2 Mini and  HD Core PCI PCIe. It is important to remember that these tools emanate from Digidesign. This was a digital audio technology service provider that was based in USA and Canada. It was noted for the sale of EPROM chips, which could be used for drum machines.

Since 2010, the company has evolved into Avid Technology, which focuses on audio products. The flagship software for this enterprise is Pro Tools. This has spawned a number of variants including LE; HD and M-Powered. The TDM interface is known in the industry as being the top of the range and is often used by professional studios, although, ordinary members of the public are also beginning to take an interest. The hardware that goes with it includes the Digi 003 and the M-Box 2. The adaptations were meant to expand the possible usage of the product without altering its essential character.

Transitioning into new tools for a new audience

One of the most important things that happened was that in 2010, many of the Pro Tools and their configurations were abandoned by the original brand. Currently, the product is a singular brand that aims to provide superior services. The user is then in a position to improve the performance or functionality of the system depending on the hardware that they have chosen. Of particular interest to the internet users are the various plug-ins that are meant to collate and rationalize elaborate processes that would otherwise be difficult to handle. The hardware add-ons are also used to enhance the user experience, as well as increasing the efficiency of the hardware drives/attachments.

In addition the product list includes some software plug-ins that is both corrective and preventative. The tools that are put out on the market are meant to perform a range of functions on different items including synchronizers, MIDI interfaces and audio surfaces. For those that need live sound mixing, there is the VENUE product which has been in existence since 2005.

Digidesign also made a number of products for the Pro Tools platform, including several software plug-ins. They also manufacture a wide variety of hardware add-ons for Pro Tools, such as audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, Synchronizers, and control surfaces. In the spring of 2005 they introduced a system for live sound mixing called VENUE. Another interesting product is the Sound Designer II which is an audio file with monophonic and stereophonic capabilities.

Capabilities of the pro-tools

They already had a sequencer, which is able to add a 24-bit with the 44.1 kHz reading. That now includes 48 track versions. It is all a wonder how conventional technology can be transformed into dazzling capabilities. The tweaks that have been done are able to bring a new level of sound quality as well as compatibility with other hardware/software.