If you have ever used a personal computer, you know the frustration associated with the Device Manager reporting an error code. The frustration becomes even worse when you do not know how to resolve the issue. An error connection code is a code that gets added to the closed log message in order to provide additional information that relates to the reason why the connection was closed.

No Codes in Connection Errors

Connection errors come about when a connection to the server fails to be established. When this happens, you will not be receiving a response code, rather you will receive a short description stating the reasons why your connection was unsuccessful. You do not get an error code in this instance because web servers are only able to provide a response code only after there has been a connection that has been established.

Connections codes

The webs server only sends a response code and message only in the event where a connection was actually established to a Web server. When you get a code which is less than 400, then the code is not considered an error. Consequently, if you get an error code that is above or is equal to 400 then the web page can be considered an error.

Error codes starting with the digit 4

If you receive an error connection code with a number starting with the digit four, your problem can be related to either be a bad request where the server does not understand what the user is asking for, the request is not authorized, a payment is required, the server has indeed understood of the client’s request but that request is forbidden, the server has failed to find the URL requested or the method that you have indicated in the request line is not permitted for a particular request URL.

Sometimes the reason for the error code is because a proxy authentication is required, the request timed out, there was a conflict with the state of the resource, the resource you have requested is no longer available and there has not been any forwarding address made available or the server is unable to accept the request unless a Content-Length is provided. At other times, that error connection code is a result of a URL that is too long or it is larger than the server is able to process. When you request for a media type that is not supported, you will also receive an error code starting with the digit 4.

Error codes starting with digit 5

When the error connection code starts with the digit 5, then the server is indicating that it is aware that there is an error that makes it unable to perform your request. Some of the problems indicated by error codes in this category include a server that has encountered unexpected problems as it attempted to connect, a request that has not been implemented, a bad gateway, a service that is unavailable, a gateway timeout or an HTTP version that is not supported.

If you happen to find yourself faced with any of these codes, it is advisable that you scan your computer to troubleshoot the problem. If using a USB device, you can do additional troubleshooting and if you encounter any problems, you can buy and install DriverAssist to help you when you update your device drivers. If you are using Windows, then you can also review the error codes as listed on their website and take appropriate action.