Your graphics card is the component that your computer uses to power high definition videos and games.

If you’re having problems with video quality while watching HD movies or when trying to play the latest games, your graphics card may be the problem.

The first step to figuring out the problem is finding out what graphics card you have. You can find out which graphics card and driver your windows pc has no matter what operating system you may be using.

First Method: Using the Device Manager

Step 1: Open your Device Manager

The Device Manager lists all of the hardware that you have installed. There are a few different ways to open your Device Manager depending on the version of Windows that you are currently using.

  •         Find the Device Manager in your Control Panel. (You might have to switch your computer to icon view).
  •         Open your System Properties by pressing the “Win” and “Pause” keys together.
  •         Click on the Device Manager link that shows up in the left side of your frame or select the Hardware tab and then select the Device Manager button
  •         If you are using the Windows 8 operating system, press “WIN” and “X” together and select Device Manager from your menu

Step 2: Expand your Display Adapters entry

This action will list out all of the graphics cards that you have installed. Please be aware that if you’re using a motherboard that has integrated graphics, that information will be listed in this location even if you are not using that option.

Step 3: Check your details

The Device Manager in the listing will tell you what chip you are running. However, there can be other variances depending on the specific graphics card that you have installed.