The process that is used for Windows 8.1 and RT can be applied to pretty much all the other packages. The issues that you may face, if the video card driver is not working properly include a stuttering video display. It could also be choppy during playback or the pictures may appear to be grainy. The same problems would arise if the display adapters and graphics cards had certain errors. The issues will then trickle down to the video apps and you will get the following code: “0xc00d11d1”. You may also get a message that instructs you to “OpenGL mode”. This will be applicable to certain games when you are opening them. When you update the video card driver, you can fix many of these issues.

Finding the solutions and implementing them

The Windows Update facility is very useful if you want to install the driver yourself without resorting to the other available methods. Where your game worked on a previous PC, but is no longer loading, then you should install a new video card driver for the latest version of Windows or OpenGL. Most manufacturers will make them readily available with very simple processes for installing them. This is not a technical job that requires a suitably qualified person. All you have to do is to find the right website, select the right drivers and then follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can also set the Windows operating system in such a way that it automatically downloads the most appropriate updates. Make it a point to check for all the updates on a regular basis.

The first step is to go to the settings tab and then select the option to change the PC settings. For those that are using smartphones and other touch technology devices, you only need to swipe at the edge of the screen to access the relevant menu. The mouse method involves pointing to the upper right corner of the screen. That is where you can click on the settings and follow the prompts as described above. The “update and recovery” tab will do the updates, but then reboot in order to ensure that these changes are embedded. Additionally, it may be able to save some of the files that you have been working on. Quite often these things require to be logged in as an administrator, because of the sensitive nature of the changes that you will be making to the system.

The corrupted video card

Unfortunately, the video card is also not completely protected from the risk of malware. If you find that this is what has happened, then you have to use a safe booting disk in order to access the executable files. Run them through the antimalware program, so that you can identify what the fault is. They can either clean up the files or delete. After this process it may be necessary to install a new video card as well as the gaming driver, so that you can have a fresh start. If it is a technical fault with the card then you can ask the manufacturer to replace it under warranty.