If you have been using computers for any given amount of time, you will understand how any problem on your PC can be frustrating. One minute, you are cruising along and rushing to meet important deadlines, and the next, you are stuck with a computer that you are barely able to use.

Registry Problems

Although there is a countless number of issues that can cause problems on your computer, errors to the registry are some of the most common. They can also be the most serious in that when they occur, they can leave you unable to use your computer.

What Is the Registry?

The registry on a computer is an important part of the operating system where all the program data and settings are stored. Without it, you would not be able to use most of the programs that are installed on your PC. The registry in Windows works in a hierarchical manner and is the place where all the low-level settings about the Windows operating system are stored.

The Registry Needs to Be Cleaned

The process of installing and uninstalling programs on your computer leaves a lot of orphaned keys, keys that are no longer in use because they were once associated with the uninstalled programs. The process also introduced errors to keys that are in use, which is a major cause of the fatal crashes that people sometimes encounter.

What Can I Do to Clean Up the Registry?

Fortunately, there are tools out there that you can use to clean up your computer’s registry and fix up any of the errors that may be on it. The one that we recommend is Total System Care from SafeBytes. This wonderful, lightweight utility does a great job of boosting your computer’s speed by fixing and preventing registry errors. It does this by removing any of the orphaned keys, fixing errors, and, best of all, preventing any from occurring in the future. Total System Care targets 15 parameters that are performance related, which means that your computer will be restored to the kind of performance that it had when it was new.

Scan, Review, and Update Your Computer’s Drivers With DriverAssist

Another great utility from SafeBytes, which you can use to boost the performance of your computer, is DriverAssist. Your computer’s drivers are important pieces of software that act as a link between the hardware and the operating system. Without them, you would not be able to use such components as your keyboard, mouse, and modem.

Although it is possible for you to manually update drivers on your PC through Device Manager, this is hardly practical considering their sheer number. The best thing is to install DriverAssist, which largely automates the process. With DriverAssist, you won’t ever have to worry about problems with your printer and other hardware components.

Backup and Restore

DriverAssist also comes with Backup and Restore, important functions that can help you to get back on track should something ever happen to your PC. It also comes with Safe USB Management and Eject, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about losing important data through the improper removal of USB components.