Computer drivers are an important component, without which we would not be able to do much with our computers. Open your PC’s Device Manager and you will notice the high number of hardware components that are listed there. All of them would be nothing but expensive pieces of electronics without their drivers. So, what exactly is a computer driver?

Defining Computer Drivers

Computer drivers are pieces of software that are there for the sole purpose of facilitating communication between a computer’s hardware and its Operation System. Without them, the computer would not be able to communicate with the hardware components that are listed in the Device Manager; including Batteries, disk drivers, network adapters, processors and many more.

Take Care of Your Computer’s Drivers

Drivers are important. That is why they should always be taken care of. In order to avoid compatibility issues with your computer’s hardware components, you need to make sure that all drivers are kept up to date.

Why Update Drivers

The one thing that has made computers so popular is the fact that they are always being updated and upgraded, both in terms of software and hardware. Device manufacturers have to keep up with changes to the Operation System in order to ensure that the hardware components that they make, such as printers and scanners, do not develop compatibility issues with latest versions of the OS. That is why they are always producing latest versions of the drivers that are on your computer.

Scan, Review and Update Your Computer’s Drivers With DriverAssist

We recommend that you use SafeBytes DriverAssist to keep the drivers that are on your PC up to date. That is the only way through which you can avoid hardware device compatibility issues. DriverAssist is made by SafeBytes, a Microsoft Accredited Partner. The best thing about this device driver management utility is that it is lightweight and works in the background to download and install the latest versions of your computer’s drivers.

What Happens When You Add a Hardware Component To Your Computer?

Some of the hardware components that you buy come with CDs, on which the drivers and the other software that is needed to run the devices can be found. All that you need to do is install the software, and you will be set to go.

In most cases, you can always find the software that you need to run your printers and other hardware components on the manufacturer’s websites. This will come in handy, should you ever lose the original CDs.

Should You Manually Update Your Computer’s Drivers?

While it is possible to manually update your computer’s drivers, you should, instead, make use of DriverAssist, a device driver manager from SafeBytes that does the hard work on your behalf. Driver Assist scans through your computer and identifies all the drivers that need to be updated. It then looks up the latest versions from the internet. After downloading the drivers, DriverAssist then automatically updates your computer’s drivers. The best thing about the whole process is that you won’t even notice that it is occurring.