Many gamers love the thrill of speed. If you want this too, you should know how to set your graphics. But, which graphic settings you should always disable to maximize PC gaming is not something that many gamers are actually aware of. This is the reason we have decided to do an article that looks at this topic. We know that you want to maximize your gaming without compromising the way your graphics look. This is the reason why we have been very careful in our suggestions.

Removing Shadows Does Not Make a Big Difference

While shadows look like a fundamental part of any image, you will notice that when they are removed, very few people will notice.  While we agree that removing shadows may make the images in your game look unreal, we still think that you can use your graphic card for better things than interpreting the data related to shadows. When the images have shadows, your graphics card works harder, attempting to make sure that the shadows look real on the edges. If you still want the shadows, you do not really have to disable them fully; just bring them down a little.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is a very important aspect of making your gaming images look real. It is a way of showing the relative distance of an object on a gaming frame. If the depth of field is bigger, then you too will see a lot further away. When you reduce the depth of field, you will see fewer things, but you trade this in for decreased load speeds.

Dynamic Reflections

If you look at your game and think that it looks better, it is because of the dynamic reflections. They are the reason why the reflective surfaces on your game look better. However, if you happen to be an average gamer, you will notice that this difference is not very noticeable. This is the reason why we can safely advise you to disable dynamic reflections if you want to use your resources for more speed.

Motion Blur

There are a number of reasons why many people disable motion blur even when they are not worried about speed. For some, it causes motion sickness. If you are playing competitive games, it can actually be an irritation. Well, you will also be glad to know that it also makes your gaming faster. So, you can go ahead and disable this aspect without a worry that you are missing anything.

Indeed, you can deploy these tips and tricks to make your gaming faster. Always remember that the drivers for your graphics card need to be taken care of. Managing them for you can be a job that requires your skill and time. This is why we always advise gamers to consider using a system such as DriverAssist to scan and review the state of your graphic card drivers. When they become outdated, this software will look through its massive database and identify the right one for your graphics card.