One of the reasons laptops have, over the years, become so popular is the fact that their portability makes them so convenient. Whatever it is that you wish to work on  your computer, you can do it from any place in the world as long as your laptop’s battery is charged. Today, laptop batteries average between 4 and 9 hours between charges. You can have your battery, under normal use, for about a year before its performance begins to go down.

How to Extend Laptop Battery Life

If your laptop battery has ever died on you while you were in the middle of doing something important, you will understand how much of an inconvenience that can be. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that the power that is in the battery lasts for a longer period of time;

Activate Power Saver

The first thing that you need to do, if you are far away from a power source and need your battery to last longer, is activate the power saving settings that are on your laptop. Virtually every laptop that is manufactured today comes with this setting. It extends battery life by slowing down your laptop’s processor, dimming the display, and turning off other non-essential, power-hogging components.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi on laptops consumes appreciable amounts of power when turned on. If you are not going to use the internet for a long time, there is no need for you to turn on Wi-Fi on your device. You can conserve power by turning off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Remove Peripheral Devices

If you have any peripheral devices that you do not absolutely need to use, which are connected to your laptop, you should remove them as a way of conserving power. Things like mice, keyboards, and other USB-powered devices tend to consume a lot of power when connected to a computer.

Lower Your Screen’s Resolution

On any computer, the screen is one of the components that consume the most power. You can, therefore, save energy by tuning it down to the lowest of settings.

Close Unused Programs

Any running programs on your computer need processing power, which means that the more that you have open, the less your laptop’s battery life will be. If you wish to conserve energy, you should, therefore, close all the programs that you are not using.

Scan, Review, and Update Using DriverAssist

One of the ways through which you can further extend the life of your laptop’s battery is by ensuring that everything on your computer is running as it should. You should, therefore, make sure that all the drivers that are on your computer are kept up to date since they are the link between its hardware, including batteries, and its operating system.

In order to keep everything going, it is important for you to update the drivers that are on your computer using SafeBytes DriverAssist. DriverAssist is a lightweight device driver manager that automatically updates your computer’s drivers, thus ensuring that it continues to run as it was designed to. It is made by SafeBytes, a Microsoft certified partner, and is, therefore, safe to use on any computer. DriverAssist brings you convenience by automatically taking care of the driver updating process.