This is an affordable way to increase the richness of your gaming experience. The fact that it is a hybrid, gives you additional flexibility in terms of use. Some of its advantages include the ability to deliver very high speed, while at the same time expanding your gaming capacity. This is the ideal addition for a high performing desktop application.

You will enjoy a much faster map load speed while at the same time being sure that your non-stop performance will not be disrupted as you play.

A new addition to the gaming arsenal of tools

There is an increased capacity that stands at 4TB. This means, that you can boot Windows 8 in fewer than 10 seconds. The performance readings are astonishing, with up to 5 times faster than the 7200 RPM that we have come to expect from desktop hard drives.

The system will improve its responsiveness by up to 30% when using this product. For those who have jittery nerves, there is a 5-year limited warranty which is an indicator of the kind of quality that the manufacturer expects from this product.

The best way of describing the Seagate hard drive, is an improvement on anything that you have ever known in the class. For example, it allows you to watch HDD, SSD and SSHD performance videos with ease and no worries about the technicalities.

The type of consumer that will benefit most from this product includes those who are into gaming, graphic editing and advanced users of the desktop. With a 64MB Cache and an 8GB NAND Flash, this is by far one of the most efficient systems in the class.

Pricing and Value

The starting price on Amazon is $144.99, which is a fairly good deal for a drive of this quality. Some tests have shown that this product can improve system level performance by up to 20%. The quick boot-ups help to overcome one of the enduringly difficult aspects of PC usage. All your games can be kept in one place without worrying about space or slowed down performance.

The system is very responsive, because it records the type of data that you use most often and then makes it available, so that you can access it any moment that you want.

The installation process should hold no fears for any novice. It comes in like a standard drive, but delivers much more. Moreover, this product is compatible with SATA technology. In addition, you can work with it regardless of the type of operating system that is installed on your computer. There is no requirement for special drivers or software to run.

A final word

This drive is highly rated, because it eliminates the compatibility issues that were experienced by users who wanted to enjoy SSD and HDD. The product is reliable and has in-built integrity systems. Consequently, it is a must-have for gamers who want to put everything in one place for convenience without sacrificing the speed and accuracy that they have become accustomed to.