By upgrading your graphics drivers, it is possible to get the best out of hardware acceleration as well as WebGL. The challenge then knows whether and if your graphics driver is currently available. Some web browsers such as Firefox use certain plugins, so as to increase the speed with which you get to the content that you have requested using the web search tools.

However, that requires you to have a fully functioning graphics card. This is more so when you are working with advanced features such as WebGL. That is why it is so important to upgrade your graphics card on a regular basis. Things get a bit complicated when you cannot tell whether your card is available or not.

Different approaches to the search

You can begin by ensuring that the windows updates are always done on time and according to the specifications that are required by the software provider. Normally, the update will contain all the drivers that are needed including the graphics variety. The availability is optional and may prompt you to give authorization. It is recommended that you set Windows to automatically install all the elements of the updates. Others do not like this, because they feel that the update will necessarily take up resources and slow down the computer considerably.

On the other hand the benefits of the update are quite substantial and should not be ignored in any decision-making process. The authorization is handled as follows:

First go to the start screen. You should then click on the desktop tile. This will open up the desktop interface. Afterwards try to hover in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This is how you get access to the Charms box. When you are there you should go for the option marked as “control panel”. Select the system and security option. You should then set the system for windows updates using the window that will subsequently open. This is done by checking the tick box that is attached to the following string: “check for updates”. This will trigger some search processes. You should wait for them to complete before proceeding. The program may inform you that there are optional updates are available. From there you can select the updates that you want to be installed.

Other alternatives

The other option is to search for updates based on the manufacturer of your graphics card. For example, you can Google NVIDIA, AMD, ATI and Intel. This will give you a list of all the drivers that are available for those respective brands. If you find that they match your graphics card in terms of year, model number and other distinguishing features; you should then download and install the graphics driver appropriately following the prompts that are given. Remember to restart your computer after the graphics drivers have been installed, so that they can take full effect as intended by the manufacturer. Finally, you have the option of using a system update tool by downloading it using any one of your browsers.