When people who don’t know much about computers use them, they make many mistakes without realizing it. As a noob, the worst mistake you can make is accidentally deleting important drivers. Now seeing as how you accidentally deleted a driver, you might not even know what it does, so here it goes…

A driver is to a computer operating system what nerves are to human brains. They carry messages and make the hardware function. It often happens that people have old obsolete drivers lying dormant on their systems, which causes the system to malfunction.

This can include the printer not working or the system not reading the mouse or keyboard. These are problems that make it impossible to complete everyday tasks related to the computer.

The hardware needs drivers to function properly, and without them they are good for nothing. In so many cases, it happens that finding the drivers one needs is a problem as the installation CDs are not available.

So, once you have accidentally deleted a driver, you might assume your hardware is a lost cause. But that is not so, as using System Restore can help undo the driver deletion. The great thing is that a restore point is created for each and every change you make to your system. In other words, System Restore is your knight in shining armor.

The Process

Now you must be thinking “How do I find System Restore and how do I restore my driver?” well, don’t fret.


  •         First of all, the most important thing you should do is save all your work.


  •         Click on START from the taskbar and then select ALL PROGRAMS.


  •         From the program menu, click on ACCESSORIES and you will then see a pop out window.


  •         From the pop out window, click on SYSTEM RESTORE.


  •         There you will get the option to restore your system to a previous version.


  •         After that, click NEXT at the bottom.


  •         Next you choose a date in the calendar that is shown on the RESTORE POINT page. Select the date to which you want to restore the system, i.e. before you deleted the driver.


  •         Click NEXT on the bottom of the window.


  •         Click OK and the system restore should then begin.
The Misconception

The most common misconception with System Restore is, it deletes all your personal files, which is untrue. As long as you have saved every file that is important to you, they will be saved, whether they are personal files, documents, emails, browser history, or any other document.

The sole purpose of System Restore is to help you go back to the time where you hadn’t deleted the driver. It is similar to an UNDO button. It will only erase the mistake and bring back the driver. It will not delete important files.