At the back of every computer user’s mind is the possibility that they may be attacked by a virus. A virus attack can leave you unable to access your computer. It can be the result of the speed of the machine slowly going down until it is eventually crawling. The frustration caused by any computer that is not working optimally does not need to be introduced. The risk posed by computer viruses is the main reason why it is important to know what we should all monitor when it comes down to computer virus activity. The things you will need to keep an eye on when it comes to virus activity include the performance of your computer, keeping a check on the programs, and knowing how to take care of the infection.

Monitor Your Hard Drive

The first thing you will need to check for is activity on your hard drive. If you are not working on your computer but you constantly notice that your hard drive is switching on and off, or you can physically hear the hard drive working, the possibility that there is virus activity on your computer is quite high.

Is your computer taking longer than usual to boot up? There could be a virus activity in the background slowing down the computer. Another way by which you can see that a virus has taken over your computer is when you start being unable to log into Windows even when you use the right login information.

If you ever notice that your modem lights are constantly showing some activity even in situations where you do not have any programs running, then you will know that a virus could easily be transmitting information using your network without you being aware.

Keep a Check On Your Programs

You should always be aware of the speed of your programs. When you start noticing that programs are taking too long to load, you should know that there is some virus activity on your system. When you start realizing that your regular programs are crushing more than they did in the past, then you know that some virus activity is happening behind the scenes.

Then, there are those pop-ups that are suddenly making it difficult to do any work on your computer. These pop-ups can also appear even when there are no programs running. These pop-ups can include error messages, advertisements, and other such messages. Has your desktop wallpaper been changed without your permission? This could be the result of a virus busy in the background.

Look out for any programs that are constantly requesting to access your firewall. This is a tendency of infected programs. The reason why you are receiving these messages is because your antivirus protection finds something suspicious about these programs.

Deploy DriverAssist

A review of the threats on your computer posed by virus activity will show you that attempting to take care of them manually can take a lot of time and require some advanced knowledge. When you use a sophisticated system such as SafeBytes DriverAssist, the work will be done for you. The software will constantly scan your computer and ensure that threats from viruses do not see the light of day. It will also ensure that your device drivers are constantly updated.