The Installation process for the NVIDIA Driver on Windows 7 don’t need not be complicated, if the user takes the time to understand how the system works. This article attempts to highlight the simplest steps that you can take in order to ensure a smooth and effective installation process. First of all, make sure that the driver that has been downloaded is able to support the graphics card that you will be using. This is an important step in as far as it prevents you from having to repeat the process due to compatibility issues. There are three distinct graphics cards that use distinctive drivers. These include the GeForce Notebook, Desktop and Quadro Professional graphics cards. In order to confirm compatibility, you should use the supported products tab which is to be found in the driver download section. This in turn is located within the driver.

The next steps and precautions

If compatibility is confirmed, you need to close all the programs that are open. There are some programs that will be running in the background, such as an anti-virus. Make sure that these are temporarily disabled and do not forget to restore them once the process is completed, so that you can minimize the risk to the PC. If you do not disable these background monitoring software programs, then you are likely to disrupt the NVIDIA Driver installation process. It is also important to ensure that you log in with full administrator privileges.

The NVIDIA website has a driver’s page, which allows you to download the appropriate product. There are certain browsers that will ask you whether you want to Save or Run the file that you have selected. Make sure that you opt for running the file and then save it to your desktop. Typically, the system might opt for a temporary folder, but you should not use this as Windows 7 may actually delete that file during the installation process, hence rendering it complete. However, if the files are saved on the desktop then you are safe. Once the installation is complete you will see a corresponding icon on your desktop.

In cases where you are simultaneously installing a graphics card, the hardware installation may choose to install the drivers separately. Ensure that you wait for Windows to complete its work in the background before continuing with the installation. This may take some time, so do not be spooked into making a premature installation. When that is done, you should right click on the corresponding file and select the option to run it as an administrator. This will launch the NVIDIA display installation file. The initial prompt will ask you to specify a locality for storing the relevant files. Note that these files are only useful if you are doing a manual installation. However, if you are using the wizard then they are of no serious consequence. In any case, you can accept the default pathway provided to you and follow the prompts to continue.

Final acceptance

You should accept the terms and conditions as specified by the agreement that is pre-designed by the service provider. Upon acceptance, you will be given options for the installation including express; and customized. Only choose the latter if you are very experienced in this field. Restart the computer to complete the installation process.