If you are looking to expand the functionality of your computer, you may have considered using an expansion card. This is a card that you slot into a dedicated slot on your computer motherboard. There are different categories of expansion cards available. Some examples are network cards, video graphic cards, and sound cards.  Each card is used to enhance the quality of the specific functions they serve. These cards allow the user of a computer to further customize their interaction with the computer. This article will review some recommended expansion cards to enhance your PC.

If you are going to use an expansion card, your computer’s motherboard would have to be compatible with the card that you are using. If you look at your system and discover that it is not compatible, there is no problem you can always install a new motherboard with the required slots.

Video Graphic Card

If you are an avid gamer who wants to play advanced games, this is your solution. The video graphic card is not only restricted to facilitation the playing of advanced games, it also allows you to watch high-definition moving images. If your job also involves the editing of sophisticated videos, this is the expansion card that you are looking for. The advantage of this card is that it will take over the task of processing 3-dimensional graphics and videos that would otherwise have been processed by your CPU. This frees up the CPU to do other important tasks.

The USB Port Card

This is an expansion card that will solve the problem for anyone who has a problem of having USB devices that outnumber the ports available. You may also discover that the version of the USB that is currently on your computer may be slower than you want it to be. This card can give you the speed than the slots on your computer can currently not give you.

You can further enhance your experience with the USB ports by using them in conjunction with DriverAssist. This software enables you to understand problems related to USBs that will not be recognized by your computer. It will scan your system and update any drivers that may be lagging. The promise you get is that when you are using this solution, your computer will operate more efficiently that the day you bought it.

The TV Tuner Card

The TV tuner card allows you to set up your home theatre system in such a way that you can record live television. Most of the cards come equipped with a cable that you can attach to a video source or antenna. Some of these cards present you with the ability to do recordings in different formats of video.

The SC SI controller

If your computer does not have the capabilities to connect devices using small computer system interface (SCSI). This expansion card is your solution to this challenge. Examples include hard drives and other scanners that use high speeds. This expansion card allows you the ability to add more ports for devices such as these ones.