There has been lots of debate regarding Windows 10 ever since it was released. While there is a general consensus that it is a vast improvement over Windows 8, users have been less than thrilled when they found their computers updating automatically to Windows 10, without being asked to do so.

Another problem with this approach is that all future device drivers will be universal drivers delivered through Windows update.

That is a great approach in theory, but some of us would still like to have a choice and keep our existing drivers, because updates can often mess them up.

Since most users were caught by surprise by this, and with their hardware performing worse than it originally did because of new drivers.

We have decided to show you how you can stop your old drivers from being updated in Windows 10.

How to Stop Drivers from Updating in Windows 10

In order to stop your device drivers from updating, access Control Panel in whichever way you prefer. Once you’re there, click on System in order to access System properties window.

In the upper left corner of the window, you should be able to locate a group of different options. Choose” Advanced system settings” by clicking on it.

Then choose No, let me choose what to do from the list of available options. You will be presented with two additional options. The first option, ALWAYS install the best driver software from Windows Update, will continue to install drivers automatically through Windows Update.

Since you are here to circumvent that issue, choose the second option. Never install driver software from Windows Update, which will prevent drivers from being updated automatically.

Don’t forget to uncheck the box next to the Automatically get the device app and info provided by your device manufacturer.

These options should be available whether you have Windows 10, Home, Professional, or Enterprise. All that is left for you to do is save your settings and restart your computer. After that, you can rest assured that your drivers will remain as they are and that Windows 10 won’t update them automatically.

Of course, this will require you to be a lot more responsible and on the constant lookout for new drivers by checking out manufacturers’ official websites or your hardware’s OEM product page. The majority of advanced Windows users choose to find their drivers manually, because it produces better results.

As you can see, for the time being, you have to choose one of the other, to have your drivers updated automatically, or to update them manually whenever you find the time.

It would be really good if there was a feature in Windows 10 that would allow you to find some middle ground between these two different options.

Microsoft has been quiet for the most part regarding this predicament users have found themselves in. Whether they will address it or not remains to be seen. But, at least now you know that you have a choice, if, even if, you have to work a little bit harder for it.