Many people who use a computer have no idea of what is happening within the computer as long as it can execute the instructions they give it. Do you know the reason behind your computer’s ability to do the things you instruct it to do? The simple answer is drivers. These are programs that control a given hardware attached to your computer. Your computer is not smart enough to know what to do with every device on the computer. This article will do a review of some of the top things we should know about monitor drivers. We ask the question if these drivers are necessary in the first place.

Do We Even Need Monitor Drivers?

The first question many people buying new computers are asking is if there is any need at all to install monitor drivers. The other question is whether you have anything called monitor drivers in the first place. Check anywhere and you will see varying answers. The simple answer is that if you are using a modern monitor, you will not need separate monitor drivers as Windows will be able to automatically detect the monitor you are using and the utilize a built-in plug-and-play driver. This indicates that plug-and-play monitors would not usually need a separate monitor driver.

However, even with this being said, some monitors may not be supported by the Windows plug and play driver. This is when you will need to download these drivers. You can either do this manually or you can use a dedicated software solution such a DriverAssist from SafeBytes. This software will continuously scan your system, find the drivers needed by your computer, and update them when they are needed.

Why They Are Included

If the general consensus is that monitor drivers are not necessary, then why are they included in packages with new computers? One of the reasons is that this is added as trial software.  During the process of installing drivers for your monitor, you will realize that other software will also get installed in the process. The vendors distributing this software get a commission for this and have every reason to include this software with any new purchase.

The other reason why monitor drivers may get shipped with your new purchase is that there are people still working with old monitors that do not have the plug-and-play feature. Or, this may be necessary for people using other operating systems that may make these drivers a necessity.

Leave the Work to DriverAssist

As you can see from the discussion above, the issue of monitor drivers is one that can leave a lot of computer users confused. When you use DriverAssist, you will never have to put up with this kind of uncertainty. This software will know exactly which drivers your computer needs. It will install them, and when they need to be updated, it will update them for you without you having to do anything. Just make sure that you are not confusing the monitor with the video card.