Though Bluetooth devices are wireless, the way they interact with computers is the same as devices with wires. This is why you have to install the right drivers on your system, so it can read the Bluetooth devices and establish a connection.

Specifically, you need to have the correct versions of Bluetooth peripheral drivers on your computer for the device to work with your computer properly; otherwise you won’t be able to access and use it. This holds true for any Bluetooth device you want to connect to your computer, from MP3 players to Bluetooth headphones.

Generally, the driver establishes a short range connection between the device and your computer, which means that you have to install a wireless adapter on your system that can read the signals from the Bluetooth device. It goes without saying that you will need a set of drivers for the adapter, or else it won’t work properly.

Bluetooth adapters are usually connected externally, but some computers come with the adapters fitted internally. In that case, you won’t need to install drivers. Coming back to the point, you don’t just need Bluetooth peripheral drivers, but you also have to keep them up to date.

First, you have to know how to connect the Bluetooth device to your computer. Generally, the wireless adapter is attached to the computer via a USB port, from where you can install it without hassle. Once you connect the adapter, the system will scan it for the necessary drivers, which are usually preloaded, and will be loaded as soon as they are found.

Conversely, if automatic installation is not programmed, you will have to install the drivers manually. For this, you can use the disc which comes with the adapter in the package.

Now that you have installed the adapter, you can try connecting Bluetooth devices to your computer. As you would know, you have to turn on the Bluetooth connection on the device so it can be found by other devices in the surroundings.

Similarly, you have to activate the adapter on your computer, so that it discovers the Bluetooth device you want to connect it to. Once the adapter finds the device, it will display it on your screen. Once you choose the device, you will have to enter the pairing code. This will pair your computer with the device.

Next, the system might automatically start looking for the right drivers to install the device. You also have the option to install it from the CD. In either case, you have to reboot your computer after the installation so that the process can be completed.

When it comes on again, you will be able to access and use the Bluetooth device you installed the drivers for. Like drivers for other devices, you also have to update Bluetooth peripheral drivers from time to time, which you can do by searching for the correct version online or using the CD.