Reinstalling a faulty wireless driver is a simple process. It takes a little tinkering around and downloading to your Device Manger.

Please Note: If you have a Macintosh computer, you don’t need to install wireless drivers.

Reinstalling Your Windows Drivers: (works for all versions of Windows)

Step 1: Find Your Device Manager

If you are using Windows 7, open the Start Menu and click on the Computer icon (right click) that is on the right hand side of your screen. After doing that click on Properties and then locate the Device Manager icon.

Please note: All PCs using the Windows operating system will have a Device Manager. Here are a few alternate ways to find it:

  •                     Go to the Start Menu and type Device Manager into your search bar
  •                     Go to Start, Control Panel, and then select the Device Manager icon

Step 2: Using the panel you have selected, select Device Manager, which is on the left hand side of your computer screen.

Your computer’s device manager contains a list of all the devices that are on your computer. If you want to install or reinstall a driver, you must make your computer “temporarily forget” that it was using the device that you are trying to upgrade.

In this case that would be your wireless card. Next, you can reinstall the device, which will prompt Windows to look for (and reinstall) your new driver.

  •         Go to “Network Adapters”. Look under “Network Adapters” and you will find a few options. One of them contains the phrase “Wireless” in its description. It may take some searching but it is there.
  •         If you can’t find the option that says “Wireless,” right-click on each individual driver and pick “properties.” Under “type” the phrase “Wireless Card” should be listed
  •         It may also be displayed as “Wireless LAN” card so keep an eye out for that option as well.

Step 3: find the Wireless card and right click it, select Properties, then select the tab that says Driver.

After doing this you will see an Uninstall option. Click it and your computer will ask you to confirm your selection. Confirm by clicking OK and your selection will disappear from the list. Don’t click the option that says “Delete the driver software for the device.”

As of now it is in your best interest to keep the software on your computer. But, there are two things that you should be doing before you select the Uninstall option.

  •         Select the “Check for Updates” option. Make sure that selecting this option does not solve your issue before moving forward.
  •         Write down the name of your driver exactly as it is listed. This will help you find drivers manually if the other options don’t work.

Step 4: Click the menu that says “Action” at the top of your Device Manager

Next select the option that says “Scan for hardware changes.” This action will tell your computer to look for hardware. In this case it is your wireless card. Next it will find a way to make a driver, which will make your hardware useable.