There has been increasing amounts of reports about problems when the Nvidia driver has been installed. These range from issues with the display to a missing free upgrade. It seems that the mandatory upgrades that are required for Windows 10 users are not fully compatible with the Nvidia native driver system.

The crashes occur when Windows 10 updates the Nvidia graphics card driver. This is an automatic process, so it makes it difficult for the user to control its outcome. The signs that there are problems will include, less than idea image rendering as well as occasional stuttering particularly when playing video games.

A Few Fixes that You Might Consider

You can begin by restarting the computer. This will normally trigger the updates that have gone into the system. That should enable it to work with the computer again without problems. However, there are certain situations when the reboot does not change the issue.

In this case, you will need to go to the Nvidia website and search for the new drivers that are used to fix the issue. They are constantly coming up with solutions and the best way of sharing them is to offer a portable device such as a driver which can be loaded into the system, so that it can resolve the problem.

The Windows software package can also download the fixer driver. On the other hand, Nvidia sells it under the KB3073930 product label. There is a detailed, but simple step-by-step guide to help you with the installation, as well as any problems that require troubleshooting.

This is a summary of the process that you are supposed to go through:

1 – Browser: Launch the browser that you normally do. This could be the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or even Firefox. You should then navigate to the following page: 

2 – Search: You should then scroll down to the “Manual Driver Search”. This is where you need to enter the computer’s configuration. This information will have been provided to you when you first bought the item. However, if you have lost it, you can easily find it by calling the dealership or alternatively contacting the Microsoft team. After you have entered the information you should hit the enter button.

3 – Downloading: At this point, you will download the latest Nvidia drivers that are listed. They are normally given the following notation; (v353.62). If you have the Windows Hardware Quality Labs, then the protocol will be written as follows: (WHQL). Make sure that you have the right certification depending on the release that you are targeting. Sometimes the manufacturer will notify you of the latest release whilst at other times you will have to search for it.

4 – Running the file: When the download has completed, you should right click on the file that you have downloaded. That will bring up a menu that includes an option to run the program. Click on it and follow the prompts. Please note that administrator access is required for this step.

5 – Installation Wizard: There will be an installation wizard that is fairly direct about what you need to do. Ensure that you wait until the installation is complete before restarting the computer.