SafeBytes DriverAssist

“Feature-heavy device driver manager that is light on your PC resources. We take good care of your drivers and do all the tough work so you don’t have to.”

Compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Purchase is required to identify and resolve driver related issues on your PC.

What are device drivers?

Your PC is made up of several hardware components or devices. The most common devices include:

All these devices have their respective drivers, which is basically a program that operates and has control over the device. A driver communicates with a particular device, linking it with the operating system.

For example, when you increase or decrease the volume of your PC speakers, the driver translates the command into a code the speakers understand.

Without device drivers, your PC would not know how to deal with devices attached to it. Speakers would not function. You won’t get your printers to print anything. Video devices would not work.

Drivers are specific to each device. And like other software programs, they need regular good management for your PC devices to not only function, but to function well.

What is DriverAssist?


DriverAssist is a revolutionary new software from SafeBytes that provides reliable and convenient management of all your device drivers. DriverAssist does all the work for you by automatically updating all your PC drivers, making sure they all work in harmony.

At SafeBytes, we know that the less time you spend worrying about your device drivers, the more valuable time you spend on what you intend to be doing online.
Our software makes managing your PC devices easier by automating the entire process. If you were to do the updating manually, much of your valuable time and PC resources are bound to be wasted.

Imagine the places where you can get your driver updates from:

  • from manufacturer’s website
  • from Windows – from installation CD

DriverAssist gets you off all the trouble of doing all these, and it does its work silently to ensure your PC habits run along smoothly. This and other features set the feature-rich DriverAssist miles apart from it’s competition.

Product Features

Automatic driver installation without user interaction, thus removing unnecessary effort from the PC user. Because DriverAssist silently handles driver updates, users themselves no longer need to look for updates from other websites or 3rd party installers.

Perfectly identifies device drivers on PCs even when Windows can’t. Our massive database contains an extensive record of all possible PC devices and drivers. DriverAssist matches devices installed in your PC with those recorded in our database to accurately detect all the device drivers that need updating.

Full driver backup and restore option protects you from install mistakes by allowing easy reversal of unwanted changes and updates. Your PC efficiency and time is therefore secured with DriverAssist.

Intelligent software customizes driver updates based on your PC operating system and motherboard version. Using information drawn from previous users and driver-related cases, DriverAssist immediately corrects conflicts between particular hardware and drivers, making sure only compatible drivers are installed for each particular PC.

DriverAssist offers an enhanced and more efficient USB safe ejection option via several features bundled in the software. Users do not waste time anymore trying to identify why USB devices cannot be safely removed; our software can display which processes prevent this. Handy options and icons make removing devices more efficient while users could now with our software reactivate removable devices that have stopped working.

24/7 customer service means you get help from our staff anytime you need it.

Why do you need to manage your PC drivers?

Managing your device drivers gains your PC a number of benefits, including ensuring that you get your PC and all its devices to perform on their maximum capabilities. Incorrect, outdated or missing drivers are the primary cause of poor PC performance.

Some devices cease to function or do not function at all with invalid drivers. Other devices might work but only on “generic” mode, which means that they do not work on their fullest potential. You could still get your printer to print your documents but its best features could be unusable because of driver problems. You are therefore not getting the full worth of your investment in hardware with invalid or obsolete drivers.

Hardware manufacturers regularly release updates to fix known or recently discovered bugs in device drivers.
But updating all your drivers is tricky business. The immediate concerns for the user are what to update and when. This is time-consuming even for the most technically competent and computer-savvy user.

The experts at SafeBytes understand this situation very well. That is why we created DriverAssist to make managing device drivers easier for all PC users.